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Becoming who we are

We are born with certain innate settings - but apart from that, life is a neverending process of learning and formation. Some things are taught to us explicitly - such as e.g. eating with chopsticks. Many things are picked up more or less subconsciously, simply through experience - such as avoiding hot objects. Even more things are learned by observing others - sometimes consciously, sometimes not.

All this ends up forming our belief system - all the things we believe we know about ourselves, the world, what (not) to do, etc. Sometimes, experience may have taught us that life is hard - and sometimes, though we may not know why, we believe we "know" that we ourselves are not really worth much.

Obviously, such a belief will impact our lives heavily, including our relationships with other people.

Possible (suspected) issues

The reasons for seeing a psychologist are too many to be recounted here - but some of the most prevalent examples that I work with are:

  • Family or couples issues
  • Stress
  • Issues of identity, self-image, and self-esteem
  • Anxiety, OCD, and phobias
  • Depression
  • Grief, loss, and trauma / PTSD
  • Developmental trauma / Complex PTSD
  • Autism / Asperger's Syndrome
  • ADHD
  • Issues regarding personality structure
  • Psychotic symptoms
  • Being a relative of someone with psychological issues
  • Etc.

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For more information about me:

Christian Stewart-Ferrer

● Specialist psychologist (Psy.D.)

    in psychotherapy

● Specialist psychologist (Psy.D.)

    in clinical child psychology

● M.A., B.A. (Psychology)

● M.A., B.A. (English and Classics)

● Dip.Ed.

Certification of qualification as a psychologist, recognised by all European psychologists' associations, including the British Psychological Society.


I am a certified psychologist specialising in the fields of psychotherapy and clinical child psychology. I have been practicing psychology for 17 years, in addition to serving part-time as an External Lecturer with the Dept. of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark, and now as a Visiting Research Fellow with the Research Unit of General Practice (ibid.).

I was raised bilingually (Danish and English [UK]), grew up with two cultures (including Catholicism and Protestantism), and have two passports. I originally pursued literature and linguistics, gaining an M.A. in English and Classical Philology, and adding a Dip.Ed.

Therapeutically, I have trained extensively in three modalities:

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) in most of its forms, including third generation approaches.

▪ Couples and family therapy in the systemic-narrative tradition, having published both research articles and practitioner material within the field of family therapy.

▪ EMDR and ART therapy, working with PTSD and related conditions stemming from stressful incidents as well as developmental trauma.

Making an appointment

If you wish to book a session with me, the best way is to make a call, preferably before noon, to "Tidens Psykologer", where the clinic secretary will help you navigate all the practical details:

The clinic is situated in the heart of Odense, close to the town hall square - "Flakhaven" - and approximately ten minutes' walk from the railway station.


 "Tidens Psykologer"

  Vestergade 19

  5000 Odense C

Medlem af Dansk Psykolog Forening