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If you wish to make an appointment, contact "Tidens Psykologer"  by phoning (+45) 22 10 22 22.


Specialist psychologist (PsyD)

MA, BA (Psychology)

MA, BA (Classics and English)

Certification confirming qualifications recognized by all European psychologists' associations - including the British Psychological Society

NB: Sessions with Christian are also possible via encrypted video connection or telephone!

Psychotherapy and counselling:

Christian A. Stewart-Ferrer is a certified psychologist specialising in psychotherapy and in clinical child psychology. He works in private practice in Odense, Denmark, at "Tidens Psykologer".

Furthermore, he is a lecturer at the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark.

He was raised bilingually (Danish and English [UK]) and in several countries, providing him also with a deep working knowledge of Norwegian (Bokmål), Swedish, and German.

For a number of years, he  also worked part-time as a translator of psychological tests and texts (Danish→English and English→Danish).


Christian is experienced in many fields, including :

  • anxiety / phobias / OCD,
  • Asperger's Syndrome / autism,
  • personality structure issues,
  • psychotic symptoms,
  • grief, loss, and trauma,
  • identity , self-image, self-esteem issues,
  • being a relative to someone with psychological issues,
  • etc.




He has been thoroughly trained in cognitive therapy, couples and family therapy, EMDR, and ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy).

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