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If you wish to make an appointment, contact "Tidens Psykologer"  by phoning (+45) 22 10 22 22.


Specialist psychologist (PsyD)

MA, BA (Psychology)

MA, BA (Classics and English)

Certification confirming qualifications recognized by all European psychologists' associations - including the British Psychological Society

NB: Sessions with Christian are also possible via encrypted video connection or telephone!

Psychotherapy and counselling:

Christian A. Stewart-Ferrer is a certified psychologist specialising in psychotherapy and in clinical child psychology. He works in private practice in Odense, Denmark, at "Tidens Psykologer".

Furthermore, he is an adjunct clinical instructor with the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark.

He was raised bilingually (Danish and English [UK]) and in several countries, providing him also with a deep working knowledge of Norwegian (Bokmål), Swedish, and German.

For a number of years, he  also worked part-time as a translator of psychological tests and texts (Danish→English and English→Danish).


Christian is experienced in many fields, including :

  • anxiety / phobias / OCD,
  • Asperger's Syndrome / autism,
  • personality structure issues,
  • psychotic symptoms,
  • grief, loss, and trauma,
  • identity , self-image, self-esteem issues,
  • being a relative to someone with psychological issues,
  • etc.




He has been thoroughly trained in cognitive therapy, couples and family therapy, EMDR, and ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy).

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